Merchant Cash Advance

Get quick access to capital and fund it with your monthly payment processing volume up to 100%.

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Quick and Low-Cost Access to Business Capital

Approval decisions are made quickly. Once the agreement is signed, you will see funds in your account as soon as 24 hours.


Simple Process

Eligibility based on credit rating with no collateral required.


Fast Approval & Funding

Quick approvals with funds available within 24 hours or thereafter.

High Funding Amounts

Finding up to 100% of monthly processing volume available.

Hassle-Free Repayment

Automatic deduction from daily credit card settlement amounts.

Stress-Free Repayment System

We simply deduct a fixed percentage from your daily credit card processing volume until the advance is paid off.

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Fill out the 1-page application.


Application, supporting documents & financials reviewed to determine funding terms.


Once funding terms set, sign final agreement.


Funding available as soon as within 24 hours.


Automatic deduction from daily batch amount until advance is paid off.

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